Classic Photochromic (Chameleon) Glassess

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Classic Photochromic (Chameleon) Glassess

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Automatic Light Intensity Adjusting Glasses

Also known as Photochromic or Chameleon Glasses, these lenses react to the ultraviolet rays causing the lens to darken or lighten depending on the intensity of the ultraviolet (UV) sunlight.

Upgrade to these Classic Photochromic Glasses that are convenient, popular, safe and an essential part of your driving and outdoor accessories.  They are suitable for day-night driving and many outdoor activities including hiking, running, cycling, and  fishing.

Look Great and Stylish with these TERRIFIC  Classic Photochromic  (Chameleon) Glasses that deliver highly flexible and durable solutions for YOUR individual requirements.


Polarized Lens-Our sunglasses are equipped with high quality composite Anti-Reflective Photochromic adaptive polarized lens. 

  •  For daylight activities-lens darkens to reduces the glare, improves depth perception, restores true colors, protects yourself against harmful UVA & UVB rays and reduces eye fatigue.
  •  For night activities-lens lightens for increased visibility and reduces (but does not eliminate all) the glare associated with oncoming headlights and reflections from rain, sleet, snow and ice.

 Frame-Our Chameleon glasses also include:

  •  Alloy material with high tensile strength (you won't feel like you're wearing them).
  •  Soft and comfortable nose pads (no pressure on the bridge of your nose).
  •  Flexible Temples (Legs, Bows) to fit different face shapes. 

Terrific Value-Each purchase gives a pair of Lioumo Classic Photochromic Sunglasses, 1-Paper Box, 1-Protective Case,1-Glasses Bag, 1-Cleaning Cloth, 1-Polarized Test Card and Brand Tags

 Available With Chameleon Lens and Black/Gold, Gun/Silver, or Black/Silver Temple (Bow)

Black/Gold option



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  •      Lens Width-63 mm (2.48 in)
  •      Lens Height-48 mm (1.88 in)
  •      Lens Optical Attributes-Polarized Anti-Reflective, UV400
  •      Lens Optical Attributes-UVA and UVB protection
  •      Lens Material-Polycarbonate Photochromic
  •      Frame Material-Alloy
  •      Frame Width-140 mm (5.51 in)
  •      Bridge Width-10 mm (0.39 in)
  •      Temple Length (Bow)-135 mm (5.31 in)

Terrific Value-Each purchase gives a pair of Lioumo Classic Photochromic Sunglasses, 1-Paper Box, 1-Protective Case,1-Glasses Bag, 1-Cleaning Cloth, 1-Polarized Test Card and Brand Tags


 Q & A

What are Photochromic lenses?

Photochromic lenses are eyeglasses lenses that are designed to be clear (or almost clear) indoors and to automatically darken in outdoor bright conditions.  They adapt to allow for improved visibility in the absence or presence of light. 

How do Photochromic lenses work?

Photochromic lenses have trace amounts of sliver chloride that is activated by the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.  This chemical reaction results in the darkening of the lens.  UV rays can penetrate clouds resulting in darkening of the lenses on cloudy days.

Why don't Photochromic lenses darken when indoors?

The indoor lighting does not contain ultraviolet rays so photochromic lenses will not darken.

How long does it take for Photochromic lenses to change?

The photochromic lenses will darken in about 30 seconds after exposure to UV and will become clear in a few minutes when UV exposure is removed.

Why don't Photochromic lenses darken when daytime driving?

The windshield is manufactured in a similar fashion so that most of the UV rays are filtered and photochromic lenses will not darken very much.

 Are Photochromic lenses suitable for night time driving?

Yes. For night driving, the photochromic lenses lightens for increased visibility and the polarization affect reduces (but does not eliminate all) the glare associated with  oncoming headlights and reflections from rain, sleet, snow and ice.  Some safe night driving tips are noted below.

Safe Night Driving Tips

  • Keep both sides of your windshield as clean as possible-A huge contributor to the degradation of night time vision is the greasy film that builds up on the inside of your windshield.
  • Dim your dashboard lights, so the critical controls remain visible but not distracting.
  • Reduce your speed and avoid tailgating (maintain at least a 3 second gap).
  • Don't look directly into oncoming headlights--cast your gaze down  and to the right.
  • If possible, avoid two lane highways.
  • Watch for pedestrians, walkers, joggers and wildlife.
  • Put your defensive driving instincts on high alert.
  • Set the car's rear view mirror on "night" setting.





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